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We are a company with farmers, contract farming model with the Company to provide raw materials, technology and innovation into value-added for the purpose to carry out special processing of maize, the production of waxy corn starch 2 tons, the company has a food research center waxy starch. Waxy starch in food development and application experiments, made &©|8203;&©|8203;a lot of scientific research, has been transformed into commercial products.
We are committed to, and build mutual trust and...
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sell waxy maize starch(waxy corn starch£©
sell waxy maize starch
sell waxy maize starch
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Company: Dezhou limited company
Contact: Mr. Wang zhi yong
Address: Pingyuan Longmen County Economic and Technological Development Zone
Tel: 86 0534 4388235
Fax: 86 0534 4388235

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Tel : 86 0534 4388235 Fax : 86 0534 4388235
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